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Servers Maintenance

DELL, HP, IBM, SUN, HUAWEI, CISCO - Corrective and preventive maintenance with global support 24/7 - 365 on servers


Quality and low cost.

- Technicians available 24 hours a day in 168 countries, performing corrective and preventive maintenance on servers, storages, and other IT equipment.

- Upgrade of controller cards, HDD, memories, processors, supplies, tape drives.

- Firmware updates, drive, BIOS, software installation, operating systems plus desktop and server virtualization.

- Internal hygiene in IT equipment.

- Remote incident tracking.

- Real-time ticket updates 24 hours a day with trilingual call center.

 Printing Outsourcing

Services and infrastructure outsourcing.

Certified Technicians

Technical assistance specialized in HP, Dell and IBM Servers maintenance.

Servers Maintenance

Technical 24 hours a day.

Monitoring Contract.

Trilingual assistance


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